There oughta be a law against Bonnie Blue. A nomadsince birth, #VagabondBon has no place she definitively calls her home.

In her younger years she studied Augusto Boal and techniques of the theater of the oppressed, bringing her efforts on every angle of show production to the people via The Half Measures group as part of Ventura County’s dramatic community.

Having been a corporate manager in a past life, Bonnie has been bringing her hustle and soul to hip-hop craft for audiences all over since 2012, the year in which she won the Urban Underground Honors’ Best Solo Female Emcee Award. Over the years she has brought poetic and earnest styles to crews such as Organized Threat, Platform Collection and the Crappy Awesome Podcast, Bushwall Junkies with Rics Rumble, Razor & Eyelim, Intelligent Tongues with Vida Killz and more.

A frequent contributor to The Cypher Effect videos and Keep The Feel events, these days she dominates Southern California’s hip-hop and poetry scene as she promotes her album “All Things Considered” and her apparel and accessories brand Gypsy Mother. Her work explores the struggles of the seeker’s life – balancing love, earthly comforts, travel and artistic expression against a passion for friends and a real problem with rules.



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